So many nail polishes, not enough fingers.

Finishing touch

Beautiful nails are the finishing touch to beautifully applied make-up.
Start with the right base; a basecoat. Then apply your favourite colour and finish with a topcoat for extra shine and protection.

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Glam Nail Care

Glam Nail Care consists of two protective and caring products. The Glam Base Coat protects the nail against the intensive colour pigments of the colour coating and also ensures that it adheres better.

The Glam Top Coat is applied on top to protect the colour coating. Both provide a long-lasting effect and limit the fading of the nail polish colour.

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Glam French Manicure 

Create sophisticated, natural nails with the French manicure nail polish. Glam French Manicure consists of a soft pink base colour and a white accent for the nail edge. With Glam French Manicure, you can create effortlessly groomed nails with a shiny result.


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Glam nail polish 

Beautiful nails are the extension of a well-groomed makeup. Glam Nail Polish offers a wide variety of trendy colours to choose the right colour of nail polish for every occasion.

Natural colours for everyday use, playful colours or glamorous colours for festive occasions.

The special formula provides the nails with a high shine and a gel-look effect. Glam Nail Polish is the perfect finishing touch!

Tip: Care and protect the colour of the nail polish with Glam Top Coat for long-lasting beautiful nails!

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