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25201 face primer

Face primer

Pui Pui Face Primer is the perfect base for foundation and powder! It makes the skin beautifully smooth and even. It fills in fine lines and at the same time, it makes the foundation adhere well.

Pui Pui Face Primer is silky smooth and merges with the skin.

25214 cover skin concealer

Cover skin concealer

Excellent for camouflaging and concealing blemishes such as dark spots or under-eye circles, fine lines and scars.

It improves skin, softens complexion and provides excellent all-day coverage.

The texture is enriched with ingredients that help slow down ageing, fight free radicals and UV filters that protect the skin from the sun.

Cover Skin Concealer, for an even and fresh complexion!

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25301 cc cream

CC Cream colour correction

CC Cream Colour Correction is a very light and soft foundation that combines the properties of a good comfortable foundation with a nourishing 'anti-ageing' cream.

It merges with the skin tone and provides even, natural coverage with a subtle gloss. CC Cream Colour Correction is a formula on a purely natural basis, suitable for all skin types. In addition, it contains active ingredients that moisturise the skin, help reduce fine lines, improve skin elasticity and prevent skin aging. Foundation and anti-ageing in one!

CC Cream Colour Correction is suitable for all skin types, and in particular for skin that shows the first signs of skin aging.

2500 stay real foundation - vrij

Stay Real Foundation

Stay Real Foundation is a light and liquid foundation with exceptional coverage.

Blemishes are camouflaged while the skin retains its natural radiance.

Its soft texture is enriched with vitamin E with anti-ageing properties and protective UV filters.

Stay Real Foundation also has a moisturising effect, resulting in an elastic and smooth skin!

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25910 Precision definer pencil - vrij

Precision Definer Pencil

The Precision Definer Pencil can be used to remove small irregularities.

You can also use this pencil to shape and accentuate the face.

The pencil application makes it easy to work precisely and hide the smallest blemishes well. Use the Precision Definer Pencil for a quick touch-up!

Tip: Use the Precision Definer Pencil on the cupid's bow for fuller lips!


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