Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting

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Sensational Lips lip pencil

Refine lips or accentuate lipstick or lip gloss with Sensational Lips lip pencil.

A soft, waterproof pencil that is easy to apply and does not smudge. Sensational Lips lip pencil consists of a rich, soft texture and feels comfortable. The different colours are perfectly matched to the Pui Pui lipstick and lip gloss shades for the optimal look!

In addition, it contains vitamin E with anti-ageing properties and protection against free radicals.

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27101 super stay lipstick - vrij

Super Stay Finish lipstick

Super Stay Finish long-lasting lipstick softens and refines lips while providing a unique satiny effect. The formula contains intense colour pigments that instantly give lips powerful colour and a matte finish.

Super Stay Finish lipstick is colourfast and provides perfect coverage for up to 8 hours!

Tip: Give lips a shiny effect by using a lip gloss over the lipstick!

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27202 moisturizing lipstick - vrij

Moisturising Volume Lipstick

Moisturising Volume Lipstick guarantees perfect hydration and an intense, brilliant colour. The innovative formula is enriched with a blend of ingredients that give lips a voluminous, wet look.

The lipstick is easy to apply due to its soft, full texture and provides perfect coverage and a long-lasting gloss!

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Fabulous Shine Lipgloss

Fabulous Shine Lip gloss ensures shiny, supple and hydrated lips.

Fabulous Shine lip gloss gives lips a pearly sparkle. The soft texture provides a long-lasting, shiny effect on the lips!

Tip: Use Fabulous Shine Lip gloss as a finishing touch over the lipstick for a festive look!

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