Mineral based make-up

Mineral-based make-up is particularly suitable for sensitive skin or after intensive treatments such as microdermabrasion. Mineral products do not clog pores and the chance of irritation or an allergic reaction is minimal.

Pui Pui's mineral-based make-up gives the skin a radiant glow. The make-up contains active ingredients including vitamin A and E to protect and care for the skin. In addition, it stimulates the skin to revitalise itself, activates the microcirculation and makes the skin glow. Moreover, these products are free of perfume and parabens.

2502 radiance mineral foundation - vrij

Radiance Mineral Foundation

Radiance Mineral Foundation is a light foundation that provides a silky-smooth feeling. It provides long-lasting coverage. Irregularities disappear to the background and the skin looks cared for and natural.

This foundation is very suitable for sensitive skin.

Perfume-free / Paraben-free

25411 radiance mineral compact powder - vrij

Radiance Mineral Compact Powder

Radiance Mineral Compact Powder has an exceptionally fine texture. This powder is light and airy and gives the skin a natural coverage. It mattifies, minimises skin irritation and redness and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes. For a beautiful, even complexion!

This Compact Powder is very suitable for sensitive skin.

Perfume-free / Paraben-free

25811 radiance mineral bronzing powder - vrij

Radiance Mineral Bronzing Powder

For a festive accent with a subtle sparkle, Radiance Mineral Bronzing Powder 'Golden Christalli' is the perfect choice! It leaves skin radiant and protects and nourishes for an energetic look!

This Bronzing Powder is very suitable for sensitive skin.

Perfume-free / Paraben-free