With the right brush, every woman can be an artist.

Pui Pui Brushes

A good make-up starts with the right material; brushes.
Choose from various brushes to create the perfect look!

29001 Rougekwast Schuin - vrij

Powder brush

29004 Blendingkwast - vrij

Blending brush

36080 Wenkbrouwborsteltje kammetje - vrij

Eyebrow brush + comb

29005 Arcadeboogpenseel - vrij

Contour brush

36115 Oogschaduw applicator -vrij

Eyeshadow applicator

29006 Lippenseel - vrij

Lip brush

29001 Rougekwast Schuin - vrij

Blusher brush

29007 Foundationkwast - vrij

Foundation brush

29002 Oogschaduwkwast Breed - vrij

Eyeshadow brush wide

29009 Waaierkwast Pui Pui - vrij

Fan brush

29003 Oogschaduwkwast Smal - vrij

Eyeshadow brush small

29011 Wenkbrauwkwast met borsteltje

Eyebrow brush with bristle