The art of eye contact.

25202 eye primer - vrij

Eye Primer

For a long-lasting effect, eye makeup also needs a good foundation. Pui Pui Eye Primer is the ideal product to prepare the eyes for eye makeup.

It minimises blemishes and intensifies the colours of the eye shadow. The Eye Primer is very light and easy to use. It makes the look more intense and expressive!

Tip: Also suitable as lip primer for a long-lasting effect!

26004 expressive eyes mono eyeshadow - vrij

Expressive Eyes Mono Eyeshadow

Natural, classic, mysterious or festive. Pui Pui eye shadow offers a variety of beautiful colours for every occasion.

Satin-smooth textures with a radiant brightness that provide the eyelids with an intense colour.

Pui Pui eye shadow is available in mono, duo and quartet versions.

Perfectly tuned colour nuances to keep varying, and with surprising colour effects to create different looks.

The colours blend wonderfully and stay on perfectly due to the fine texture that makes eyes speak all day long.

Tip: Pui Pui eye shadow can also be applied moist, for even more intense colours!


Mono oogschaduw - vrij
26206 striking glance duo eyeshadow - vrij

Striking Glance Duo Eyeshadow

Bold combinations and beautifully coordinated duo palettes.

Duo oogschaduw - vrij juist
26305 dazzling feel quattro eyeshadow - vrij

Dazzling Feel Quattro Eyeshadow

The Pui Pui Dazzling Feel Quattro palettes; four beautifully coordinated colours that build up in intensity.

Quatro oogschaduw - vrij
26603 exquisite shape eyebrow powder - vrij

Exquisite Shape Eyebrow Powder

The perfect solution to accentuate, correct or refine the natural curve of the eyebrows is Exquisite Shape Eyebrow Powder.

It consists of a very comfortable, silky smooth powder that gives the eyebrows a richer colour resulting in natural-looking, perfect eyebrows!

Contains mineral ingredients, making it also very suitable for sensitive skin.

Eyebrow powder - vrij
27001 mineral fine liner - vrij

Mineral fine eyeliner

Mineral Fine Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner that is easy to use to emphasise eyes and intensify the look. The texture is rich in colour pigments and provides a long-lasting effect!

Mineral fine eyeliner - vrij
26821 extreme lashes mascara - vrij

Extreme Lashes Waterproof Mascara

Extreme Lashes Waterproof Mascara creates the illusion of extremely long lashes for a dramatic look. This mascara lengthens and lifts the lashes from the roots to the ends, without smudging.

Pui Pui Extreme Lashes combines maximum volume with length.

Mineral fine eyeliner - vrij
26811 revolutionary volume mascara - vrij

Revolutionary Volume mascara

Revolutionary Volume Mascara is a super mascara that fills lashes and gives volume.

Lashes become fuller but remain supple and light for a deep dramatic look.

Mineral fine eyeliner - vrij
26802 intens glamour mascara - vrij

Intense Glamour mascara

Intense full lashes, perfect for a festive occasion.

Intense Glamour Mascara guarantees sublime length and a powerful look.

Its fine texture creates the desired effect when applied carefully and the brush ensures perfectly separated lashes.

Mineral fine eyeliner - vrij
27404 elegant eyes eye pencil

Elegant Eyes Eye pencils

Elegant Eyes eye pencil gives each look extra expression, both natural and dramatic.

It is a soft waterproof pencil, with a high colour intensity, easy to handle for a beautiful and accurate result.

The rich, creamy texture feels silky soft and contains vitamin E with anti-ageing properties and protection against free radicals.

Tip: Match the colour of the eye pencil with Pui Pui eye shadow colours for the most elegant eyes!

Oogpotlood - vrij