Trend looks Spring/ Summer  

This season Pui Pui presents three different trend looks to appear radiant during summer days, evenings and nights. All the trend looks are adapted to the latest fashion trends. For every occasion a suitable trendy look! Which look do you choose today?

Stirring Summer Day - Beautiful Brown 

From chocolate brown toe very light brown to bronze and everything in between. Brown shades dominate the catwalk this year. Choose a variety of brown shades in the Energico Dazzling Feel Quatro Eye shadow to get stirring on the summer day. Give your cheeks a silky shine by using the Perfect Glow Highlighter. Finish this summer look with the Fabulous Shine Lip gloss for shining natural coloured lips.


Create the Beautiful Brown Summer Day look yourself!

Seductive summer evening - precious purple 

With the different purple shades which are united in the Affascinante Dazzling Feel Quattro Eyeshadow you steal the show. You can choose to turn the dramatic dark purple eyeshade from the lash line to create a purple Smokey eye. Emphasize the natural contours of your face by using the soft Natural Touch Blusher, in the colour that matches your eye shadow. Draw attention to your eyes and give your lips a natural satiny lustre with the Fabulous Shine Lip gloss.


Create the Precious Purple Summer Evening look yourself!

sultry summer night - Lovely Lips 

The black eyeliner is impossible to imagine this summer. Perfect well-defined eyes with sensual red coloured lips are your hit combination this season. For sultry summer evenings you put the focus on perfectly shaped and coloured lips. The finishing touch and an absolute must for this trend look is a Glam Nail Polish in a matching colour to the Volume Moisturizing Lipstick.


Create the Lovely Lips Summer Night look yourself!

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