Smokey eyes 

!A party, a gala or a night out! Smokey eyes are wonderful to create a beautiful and mysterious look

Step 1: Primer 

After cleaning the eye, first apply the Eye Primer. This ensures your eye make-up to last extra long.

Step 2: Eye pencil 

Apply a black line on the eyelids with Elegant Eyes eye pencil. Use the 'smudger' at the rear of the pencil to fade towards the inside.

Step 3: eyeshadow 

Choose a dark color eyeshadow, for example, Dazzling Feel Quattro Eyeshadow - Misterioso.


Apply the dark eye shadow over the faded eye pencil line and blur it from the lash line; from dark to almost nothing on the eyelid up to the crease.


Apply a lighter tint over the entire eyelid up to the crease and under the eye for one third.


The key to a smokey eye is that the color is darkest at the lash line and that this color blurs on the eyelid to almost nothing.

Step 4: mascara 

To make the glance perfect, apply mascara. Choose the Extreme Lashes or Intense Glamour mascara for the best effect.


Apply the eye shadow moist for a more intense look!