Precious Purple 

Do you have bleu, grey, green or bowngreen eyes? Choose the Precious Purple trend look this season to emphasize the natural color of your eyes!


After the application of the basic make-up continue with the following steps to create this trend look.

Step 1: primer 

First apply the Eye Primer thinly over the entire eyelid. This ensures your eye make-up to last extra long.

Stap 2: Eye pencil 

Apply a black line on the eyelids with Elegant Eyes eye pencil. Use the 'smudger' at the rear of the pencil to fade towards the inside.

Step 3: Eye Shadow 

Apply the dramatic dark purple eyeshadow over tge faded eye pencil lin e and blur it from the lash line, from dark to almost nothing on the eyelid up to the crease.


Apply the light purple shade from the crease and fade it into the light beige shade under the eye brow.


The eye shadow colors of this purple smokey eye are darkest at the lash line and blurs upto the eye brow to light beige.


You can also choose to apply the lighter purple shades on the eyelid and the dark purple on the crease.

Step 4: mascara 

Apply the mascara to finish the glance. Choose the Revolutionary Volume or Intense Glamour mascara for the best effect.

Step 5: Blush 

Accentuate your face contours and create a natural blush with the Natural Touch Blusher.


Use the attached applicator or an angled blush brush to apply the blusher for the best effect.

Step 6: Lipstick 

To draw attention to the perfectly make- uped eyes you choose a soft natural lipstick to complete this trend look.


Define the lip contours with the Sensational Lips Lip pencil before applying the lipstick with a lip pencil.