Natural make-up 

A natural makeup is perfect for every day, but for example also as bridal make-up.

A natural make-up ensures that irregularities are obscured, which creates a smooth complexion. Further, the make-up consists of natural base tones.


Complete the look with a subtle Fabulous Shine lip gloss and mascara.

Step 1: Primer 

First apply the Face Primer after your day cream for good coverage and long lasting beautiful make-up.

Step 2: Foundation 

Choose the right foundation for your skin type (Stay Real, Radiance Mineral or CC Cream) and apply evenly to create a smooth complexion.

Step 3: Concealer 

Use Cover Skin Concealer for imperfections or dark circles.

Step 4: Highlighter  

Perfect Glow Highlighter can be used for radiance ofunique accents and emphasize, for example, cheekbones.

Step 5: Blush 

The Natural Touch Blusher is perfect for a healthy blush on the cheeks. Use the brush, in circular movements, to apply the blusher from the cheekbones to the sleep.