Mineral-based Make-up 

Pui Pui also offers mineral-based make-up that is particularly suitable for the sensitive skin or to cover cosmetic imperfections.

Mineral-based make-up not only gives colour enhancement but also contains skin care.


All mineral make-up gives the skin a luminous finish and contains active ingredients for natural UV protection. It is extra enriched with vitamins A and E for skin protection. It also stimulates the skin to revitalize itself, activates the microcirculation and revives the skin radiance.


Mineral make-up is also ideal after intensive cosmetic treatments

Radiance mineral foundation 

It provides long-term coverage without dehydrating the skin.

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Radiance mineral compact powder 

It mattifies the skin, minimizes skin irritation and redness and at the same time guarantees a natural covering effect whilst fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes become less noticeable.

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Radiance mineral bronzing powder 

Radiance Mineral Bronzing Powder enhances the colour of the skin and makes it even more radiant!

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